The Final Handbook to High Industrial Instruments for Each and each Job



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The Final Handbook to High Industrial Instruments for Each and each Job
The Final Handbook to High Industrial Instruments for Each and each Job
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In a global ⁤where ‍precision and effectivity are paramount, the factual tools can secure ⁢the total disagreement. ⁤From heavy-responsibility machinery to snug devices, industrial tools are the backbone of endless industries. On this weblog put up, we detect a selection of modern products that cater to every ​need within ⁤the realm of industrial tools. Be half of us as we characterize the most ⁢up-to-date trends in expertise and craftsmanship‍ that are revolutionizing the approach we work, increasing a brighter and extra productive future.

Table‌ of Contents

Endoscope Digicam with Gentle,1080P HD Borescope with 6 LED Lights 9.8FT Semi-Inflexible ⁢Snake Cabl,IP67 Waterproof Industrial Inspection‍ Digicam Admire minded for Android,iPhone, iPad-(Dismal)

The Endoscope Digicam with Gentle ⁤is a flexible‍ tool that would also very successfully be most fundamental for any individual who desires to scrutinize demanding-to-reach areas. The 1080P HD resolution enables clearly image and ⁢video capture, making it more uncomplicated to title⁤ any concerns. ‌The 9.8FT Semi-Inflexible Cable is IP67 waterproof, allowing ⁣it to ‌withstand loads of environments, making it wonderful for underwater inspections. The ​extensive compatibility with Android, iPhone, and iPad programs ensures that you just would ​perhaps well also with out concerns join⁢ and exercise the digicam with your devices.

Indubitably one of the fundamental fundamental fundamental professionals of this product is the built-in 6 LED​ lights with adjustable brightness, which ⁤enables clearly⁤ image capture ⁣even in dimly lit areas. The package deal additionally entails ‌loads of accessories savor a magnet, hook,‍ mirror, and protective cap, making ⁤it a comprehensive ⁢tool for assorted inspection wants. The 24-hour online buyer provider supplied⁣ by the manufacturer ensures that any queries or concerns​ are promptly addressed, giving users⁤ peace of mind when the usage of this digicam⁣ for inspections.

Towallmark Cordless ‌Rotary Instrument Equipment, Rechargeable​ Craftsman Instrument Put,‍ 50 Equipment, 3 Variable Speeds, Hand Instruments for Grinding, Polishing, Carving, Cutting, Drilling

Abilities the flexibility and‌ consolation of the Towallmark Cordless Rotary Instrument Equipment. With ‌its USB ⁢rechargeable 3.6V lithium battery, this tool provides as a lot as 200 minutes of persevering with runtime, freeing you from the constraints⁣ of time and house.‍ The three variable jog adjustments (5000, 10000, and 15000rpm) cater to assorted project wants, from roughing to gorgeous sanding, providing precision and support watch over on your hands.

Weighing only 0.3 lbs and measuring 5.73” in length, ⁤this lightweight‌ and compact tool feels overjoyed‌ and‍ uncomplicated to maneuver, making your crafting trip a plod. The automatic safety mechanism‌ ensures safety by powering off if the shaft gets ​jammed. Plus, with 50⁣ accessories for sanding, engraving, ‌sharpening, cutting, drilling, and ​extra, this tool space is a treasured addition ⁢to your workshop.‍ **Pros:** Gentle-weight and compact secure 3 variable jog adjustments Automatic safety mechanism **Cons:** Puny battery existence for prolonged⁣ projects

Capri​ Instruments 10099 C099 Deadblow Hammer Orange PU, 4 lb

When it’s⁤ a ‍ways ⁣a must to strike objects demanding ⁣with out marring the topic ‌topic, the Capri Instruments 10099 C099 Deadblow Hammer in⁢ gleaming orange is the correct tool‌ for‍ the​ job. With metal shot filled canisters, this hammer absorbs shock from impact, reduces rebound, and maximizes the ability utilized. The high-grade Developed Polyurethane (PU) field topic is namely⁤ designed no longer to mar surfaces or​ soak up liquids, making it wonderful for quite loads of⁣ projects. The ​round ⁢grip on the handle ‍offers an even bigger, ‌ergonomic with out a doubt‌ feel, allowing for added proper strikes with consolation.

Indubitably one of the fundamental fundamental fundamental professionals of the Capri Instruments Deadblow Hammer is its ability to soak up shock from impact, reducing rebound and maximizing power. ⁤The reinforced metal handle‌ adds strength and safety, combating the‌ hammer from breaking upon impact. Additionally, the gleaming orange color makes it easy to plight in ‍a tool discover or ⁢on a job space.⁢ Nonetheless, some users would perhaps well also discover the ​4 lb weight to be pretty heavy for⁢ prolonged exercise, so it’s fundamental to take into ⁤sage the project at hand ⁤earlier than reaching​ for this ⁣highly effective tool.

Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun with Self-locking Head Gun 1/4 & 5/16 & 3/8 Mandrels,Industrial Grade Adjustable Velocity Pull Rivnut Gun ⁤Model:LM07 Button Swap

The ‍Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun with Self-locking Head⁢ is a sport-changer by​ approach of industrial-grade riveting tools. With⁢ adjustable jog and ‌a self-locking gun head, this tool makes swiftly⁢ work of riveting projects with out the necessity for additonal tools. ⁣The sturdy and prolonged-lasting ⁢secure is evident within the impact-resistant metal S2 ⁢field topic frail for the connecting rod, guaranteeing durability ⁣and reduced shaking all over operation. ‌The shockproof secure adds to the actual person trip ⁤by removing arm fatigue, making it overjoyed to make exercise of ​for prolonged sessions.

Indubitably one of ​the​ fundamental standout aspects ⁤of this rivet nut gun is the self-locking gun head, which comes with 3 assorted​ sizes of mandrels – 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8, alongside with their‍ respective replacements. This⁤ characteristic enables for immediate and efficient assembly and disassembly of mandrels,‌ improving work effectivity significantly. Additionally, the built-in jog alter ‍knob and embedded muffler vent add to the⁤ overall usability of the tool. Nonetheless, users must take into sage the upkeep tricks supplied, a ‍lot like lubricating the screw earlier than exercise to conclude keep ⁤on and possible jamming concerns. ​Total, this ⁢ industrial-grade rivet nut gun is most fundamental for ‌any skilled attempting ⁢to discover an educated and efficient tool for his​ or her riveting wants.


Q: What makes‌ the Endoscope Digicam⁢ with ‍Gentle a high alternative‌ for industrial inspection?
A: The Endoscope Digicam with Gentle aspects 1080P HD resolution, 6 LED lights, and a ⁣9.8FT​ semi-inflexible snake cable for easy maneuvering. It’s⁤ additionally IP67 waterproof, making it wonderful for varied industrial settings.

Q: Why must professionals take into sage the⁢ Towallmark Cordless Rotary Instrument Equipment for his or her projects?
A: The Towallmark Cordless Rotary Instrument Equipment is‌ a flexible likelihood with 50 ​accessories, 3 variable speeds, and ‌rechargeable‌ capabilities. It’s wonderful for grinding, sharpening, ⁢carving, cutting, and drilling‍ projects in industrial settings.

Q: What‌ units ⁢the Capri Instruments 10099 Deadblow Hammer other than broken-down hammers?
A:‌ The ‌Capri Instruments 10099 Deadblow Hammer aspects an orange ⁢PU building and weighs 4 lbs, providing a assorted deadblow invent that reduces rebound and minimizes⁤ wound. It’s an educated tool for varied⁣ industrial projects.

Q: How does the Pneumatic Rivet Nut⁢ Gun‍ with Self-locking Head Gun stand out within the industrial tool‍ market?
A: The Pneumatic Rivet‌ Nut Gun provides industrial-grade performance with⁣ adjustable jog and self-locking head for 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 mandrels. Its LM07 Button Swap makes it easy to ⁤characteristic, ‍providing efficient and proper outcomes for riveting projects.

Free up Your Possible

In conclusion, having the factual industrial tools for every job is most fundamental for effectivity and success. Whether you wish an endoscope digicam for detailed inspections, a cordless rotary tool for versatile crafting projects, a deadblow hammer for proper and highly​ effective strikes, or ‍a pneumatic rivet nut gun for ⁣trusty fastenings, the decisions are endless. Each and ‌each tool ​serves⁤ a assorted reason and would perhaps well also secure a significant disagreement⁤ within the quality of your work. Undergo in mind to take into sage your⁢ particular wants and projects when deciding on the most intelligent industrial⁤ tools on your ⁣projects. With the factual tools in hand, you’ll seemingly be ​in a position to be successfully-geared as a ⁤lot as form out any job that comes your approach. Thank you for finding out our ​last handbook to ‍high industrial tools!

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Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 875 Characters


Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pok mon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 875 Characters. Professionally spiraled and resold by a third party. This spiraled book is not necessarily affiliated with, endorsed by, or authorized by the publisher, distributor, or author.

User reviews

Good book. Great amount of information on all the Pokémon. My niece uses the book often.
Very nice book. Great pics, and lots of info on the characters. Gifted to my granddaughter who is crazy about pokemon and she was thrilled!
Perfect for a Pokemon Fan. This book is perfect for a young Pokémon fan! Lots of pictures and information about a lot of Pokémon. The reading level for this book would be good for an average 8-10 year old.
Great guide. Great guide but fairly basic, Niantic has added so many more Mons since this was printed. Actually pretty nice for the beginner!
Super cool get library binding. Waited for library binding it is well worth it. Super sturdy and my son loves it. Spends hours reading it and learning new things. It is alphabetical which is more helpful for kids learning and not as much a pokedex checklist guide to follow along with games.
Kids love this. My kids love this book and love having me read it to them!
Good gift for Pokémon fan. I thought it was a cute gift for my nephew. But unlike the other gifts that came to the house my kids weren’t that interested in looking at it. Still think a Pokémon fan would enjoy. Good size, nice photos.
perfect. great item and service
The media could not be loaded.  Muito bom! Tem todos os pokémon de kanto até galar. A descrição tipo em que regiões aparecem(nos jogos provavelmente) os dados dele possíveis movimentos. Tipo uma Pokedex mesmo. Tem as formas regionais, mega evoluções eUltra Beasts também. O livro é todo em inglês,os pokémon são organizados de A a Z de Abomasnow a Zygarde são 560 páginas. Não demorou muito pra chegar e é recomendado pra fans de Pokémon que jogam e colecionam pokémon.
This book has been very well loved by my child and also those we have gifted it to! Perfect for any Pokémon fan - very detailed, hours of entertainment
Muy buen libro, le encantó a mi sobrino.
What a great little buy. It was one of those last minute - just need one more thing - purchases but turned out to be one of the best gifts. My 7 & 9 yr olds are Pokémon mad and keep going back to this book to get all the details on each of the Pokémon. It’s been great for me too, trying to at least attempt to keep up. It’s full colour, great detail, good quality and so much information on all of the pokemon characters including all their evolutions. Great bit of kit for any Pokémon fan. If your worried about buying a book for a child (most children rolling their eyes, boring!) - BUY THIS!!! It’s great!Highly recommended.
The media could not be loaded.  Got it as a gift for my kid who loves Pokemon. It's of great quality and is an amazing purchase.

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The Haiku Handbook #25th Anniversary Edition: How to Write, Teach, and Appreciate Haiku


The Haiku Handbook is the first book to give readers everything they need to begin appreciating, writing, or teaching haiku. In this groundbreaking and now-classic volume, the authors present haiku poets writing in English, Spanish, French, German, and five other languages on an equal footing with Japanese poets. Not only are the four great Japanese masters of the haiku represented (Basho, Buson, Issa, and Shiki) but also major Western authors not commonly known to have written poetry in this form, including Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac and Richard Wright.

With a new foreword by poet, translator, and author Jane Reichhold (Basho: The Complete Haiku), this anniversary edition presents a concise history of the Japanese haiku, including the dynamic changes throughout the twentieth century as this beloved poetry form has been adapted to modern and urban settings. Full chapters are offered on form, the seasons in haiku, and haiku craft, plus background on the Japanese poetic tradition and the effect of translation on our understanding of haiku. Other unique features are chapters on teaching and sharing haiku, with lesson plans for both elementary and secondary school use; a seasonal word index of poetic words; a comprehensive glossary; and a list of enduring classic resources for further exploration. By any standard, The Haiku Handbook is the defining volume in the genre.

User reviews

Fantastic book. If you love haiku, or want to know more about it and see many examples and learn how to teach it this is the book for you.
Haiku for Aspiring Haiku Book Writer. I haven't really dug too deeply into this book but it looks like it is exactly what I wanted.
So Glad to Finally Have a Copy of This Book. I received a copy of The Haiku Handbook- 25th Anniversary Edition as a Christmas gift. I am so glad to finally have a copy of this classic haiku resource book for myself, instead of borrowing one from our local library.For anyone who writes, teaches or just enjoys haiku poetry, this is a must have book. One that you will refer to again and again, for inspiration, historical references and so much more.A nice presentation for this edition too. Makes a perfect gift. ;<) I certainly thought it was.Only one negative on the book presentation...I did note a couple of typos on the first few pages, something that the publishers might want to correct before reprinting this book.Geraldine Helen Hartman author of the Haiku Reflections series.
Haiku Forever. Fun book with lots of ideas.
Five Stars. haiku is my passion--love this book
I enjoyed every page. Very informative. I enjoyed every page.
Great Book for Haiku Enthusiasts. Excellent book on haiku poetry. A lot of historical info about the prominent Haiku writers. The book transitions from haiku history to instruction, with a sharp focus on exemplar haiku and the poetic characteristics of a well-written haiku. I wish there was more of a focus on the instructional aspects than the historical and cultural evolution of haiku. Nevertheless, Higginson's book is a great read and I intend on reading it a second time.
I got this book in very good condition. I just don't really like it. I looked at other reviewers who said it was a good book. So I bought it. As soon as I opened it I didnt like the dry style it was written in, as though it were a high school text book.Haiku, and poetry books, should be written in a style that is expressive and celebrates it with joy. This book was so bland, it left a lot to be desired.Nice cover though.
Great book
Good read.
Perfect, thanks

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The eLearning Designer's Handbook: A Practical Guide to the eLearning Development Process for New eLearning Designers



When you’re tasked with creating your very first eLearning course, it can be hard (and downright scary) trying to figure out where to begin. You likely have a million questions running through your head. How do you plan your project and set it up for success? How do you collect learning content from your subject matter experts? Why do you need an eLearning storyboard, and how do you write one? How do you develop a prototype of your eLearning course? And, what the heck is a prototype anyway? When and where should you include interactivity? When should you let your SMEs review your course? And what’s a “SME” again? And what do you do when they don’t give you feedback?

Trying to get answers to all of these questions can quickly leave you saying to yourself, “I don’t think I’m cut out for this eLearning thing!” But, here’s some good news: you’re not alone! The truth is, most eLearning designers entered fell, stumbled, and dropped into the world of eLearning entirely by accident.

This is where the second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook can help! In this book, Tim Slade will show you that the eLearning development process doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem. If you’re new to eLearning, Tim will walk you through the complete eLearning design and development process, providing you practical tips and advice, based on his own experience working as an eLearning designer for over a decade.

With the second edition of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook, you’ll discover how to...

  • Plan your eLearning project by conducting a kickoff meeting with your stakeholders.
  • Conduct a needs analysis and recommend a training solution.
  • Draft an eLearning project plan and development timeline.
  • Define the learning objectives and create a blended training solution.
  • Collect and organize your learning content into a design document.
  • Create a course outline and draft a storyboard of your eLearning course.
  • Create a prototype and develop your course with an eLearning authoring tool.
  • Incorporate interactivity into your eLearning course.
  • Reduce cognitive load and increase learning retention.
  • Deliver and measure the effectiveness of your eLearning course.
  • Conduct a retrospective at the end of your project.

So, what's new in the second edition?

With the second edition of The eLearning Designer's Handbook, Tim Slade went back to the drawing board to rewrite and redesign every single page of the book. Not only does the second edition include a boatload of new content on instructional design best practices, but it also includes even more practical content geared towards new eLearning designers.

With the second edition of The eLearning Designer's Handbook, you'll get...

  • 3X more content
  • Full-color print
  • Real-world examples
  • More tools and templates

User reviews

Great Book, Especially for Those Who "Fall In" to Elearning Design. This is a great book. I first saw Tim present (virtually) at ATD 2021 and then again at ATD 2022 (again, virtually). I finally purchased the book after the second time. Like Tim, I didn't start my career with the goal of being an eLearning designer. My background is with a degree in secondary English Education, and I was a high school English teacher for 10 years before looking for a change. I fell into eLearning design whilst I was a travel trainer for two years, with PowerPoint as the only tool I could work with to create learning content. I was then hired as an instructional designer and found myself learning and creating web-/computer-based training using a proper authoring tool—Captivate.Through the years, I've done, experienced, or observed a lot of what Tim covers in the book. I'm lucky to work for an organization now—the Florida Center for Interactive Media at the Florida State University—that not only produces some of the best quality learning assets I've been involved with but also promotes constant learning and professional development, as one would hope working for a university. Hence, why I've been lucky enough to attend virtual conferences such as ATD and Adobe MAX.While I learned a lot of eLearning design on the job (remember, I "fell in" to eLearning), what this book does is not only confirm a lot of the processes in eLearning design I've done, it also affirms my own experiences, both good and bad. I think as an instructional designer, that's important to know there are others out there who have experienced the same.What I like about the book is that there are opportunities to reflect on what you've read, the experiences you've had as an eLearning designer, or things you have observed. There is literally space for you to answer "What do you think?" prompts. And there are a lot of them—and not in a bad way. There is also a lot of white space on each page where you can write notes, make connections, even doodle if you need to help make sense of things. Like eLearning, this book is engaging—it encourages you to think, reflect, and respond. It's also written honestly. Tim is not afraid to share his own mistakes, which makes the book that much more relatable.Some of the content doesn't currently apply to me specifically, in part because our PM works with our partners (i.e., clients) to identify learning/performance gaps, recommend a learning solution (our PM does often get input from course ISDs for this), create a project plan/timeline, and evaluate the effectiveness of a course. Even though I may not be involved in those and other tasks, reading about them has helped me understand their importance and why someone on the course/project team should be doing them.If you are an eLearning designer, this book is a must if for no other reason but to get down on paper your own thoughts and reflections of your experiences.
Wonderful overview and primer on eLearning and Instructional Design holistically. I just read the 2nd edition of “The eLearning Designer's Handbook” by Tim Slade. I found it extremely helpful, clarifying, and insightful.As you might expect, as a master instructional designer who trains other IDs, Tim covers a ton of ground without being overwhelming, the content is paced well, and for a primer, the reader gets a lot of detail. I learned enough to be dangerous in record time. The book has concentrated wisdom and experience on every page, so the return on investment on this book is high, so don’t let its length fool you. I especially appreciate how the book balances theory and practice and concentrates on the core ID skillset while highlighting other secondary domains too. Comprehensive and a joy to tear through. Great for people new to ID and those transitioning from other careers. I'm sure others will find gems there as well. Would love to chat with anyone who also enjoyed the read.
Great info for IDs transitioning into corporate learning spaces. I work in corporate L&D and have begun collecting a library of noteworthy books to reference. I purchased a paperback copy of this book to add to my library. Tim Slade does an amazing job of breaking down the ID process and really emphasizes real-world, practical application. The little asides were definitely my favorite part of the book as they helped affirm my experiences working with difficult SMEs and stakeholders.I would love to give this book 5 stars, but I have to dock a star for the shape of the physical copy. This sounds incredibly petty, but the physical copy is terribly designed; specifically, the dimensions. It's essentially a square, which jettisons out from a bookshelf when placed next to any other books. Whoever printed this for Tim Slade didn't consider the life of a book after a reader has completed it. Though it's a great read, it's a hideous addition to my collection, sadly.
The best of the best. I saw Tim on a TechSmith Youtube broadcast and this book was mentioned. I usually don't do this, but I immediately bought the paperback and I'm buying the Kindle version, too. To say the least, of all the eLearning books and videos I've watched, The eLearning Designer's Handbook is one I wished I had years ago. Highly recommended. Seriously, run--don't walk--and get this! You'll be glad you did. I'm certainly spreading the word to my customers.
Amazing guide with practical experience to back it up. I love this book. Tim is a wealth of information and I am inspired by how he shares his knowledge with the community of eLearning designers. His writing is easy to understand, practical and lightened with a spark of personality. I truly enjoy learning from Tim and the community of designers his work supports. Thank you for all that you do supporting others in the industry through your efforts!
Great for train the trainer. I’m using this book to train my new L&D Specialists on e-learning. It breaks down the concepts in easy to use nuggets. I cover a chapter a week with my team and it’s helping us to align with a strong foundation.
Outstanding Beginner's Guide. Tim's book is an outstanding resource for those new to eLearning and instructional design. His books gives an overview of the entire process and provides helpful suggestions and frameworks along the way to help you apply it on your own.The book is beautifully designed and does not overwhelm you with information. Reading it felt like having a conversation with the author, and the layout provides ease when referencing sections after-the-fact.I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more about eLearning and instructional design!
Amazing resource for anyone interested in ID. Looking for ID books to learn but not sure where to start? Purchase this one first. Tim has such relatable stories and examples in the book. He walks you through each step of the instructional design process in a simple and clear way. He even builds in space for you to take notes of your own as you go. This book is affordable and relatable so make sure you grab a copy.
Am starting my e-learning journey and this book has been a god-send! The information is so well laid out and makes total sense. It's giving me more confidence as I create a YouTube course for a friend of mine who is tech adverse!
It's a must read for new IDs
Nicely made, straight to the point, easy to read.As a beginner in it, I really appreciated the Pro Tip information!
volevo approfondire e soprattutto sistematizzare le conoscenze riguardo l'instructional design e ho trovato in questo libro ottimi spunti e chiarezza espositiva, consilgiatissimo
Having read many books in this space, all of which are great, this is easily my favourite. After joining a new company, I wanted to implement a robust eLearning system that we could replicate going forward. This book offers precisely that. Tim Slade presents a fantastic step by step approach to structuring your eLearning project, which for me is a weaker side to my elearning, the project management side. I love the simplicity and the to the point approach. I managed to read it in 3-4 hours, but that in no way detracts from the book, and to me, adds even more; like elearning, it's best to keep things to the point.An outstanding book if you want nuts and bolts of eLearning project management and how to structure the entire eLearning process. Design-wise it's beautifully put together and aesthetically pleasing to read.Easily 5 out of 5.

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Coffee Roaster's Handbook: A How-To Guide for Home and Professional Roasters


From bean to brew—a complete guide to coffee roasting for beginners and professionals alike

Now you can master the art of coffee roasting—with its heavenly aromas and full-bodied flavors—all on your own.
The Coffee Roaster's Handbook is packed with practical information for roasters of any level, whether you're just getting started or you're already a coffee-roasting connoisseur.

From selecting and purchasing green coffee beans to storing and cupping your roasts, this colorfully illustrated handbook has all the comprehensive, roasting-related knowledge you'll need to create and enjoy your own delicious coffee. You'll find a deep dive on the science of coffee roasting, tips on how to spot bean defects, a how-to guide to evaluating your roasts, and so much more. Now, go forth and roast!

The Coffee Roaster's Handbook includes:
  • A brief history of coffee—Learn all about the origins of coffee, including primitive roasting methods, its introduction to worldwide trade markets, and its evolution to today.
  • Essential roasting equipment—Explore helpful info about at-home and commercial equipment, from air-popper-style roasters to large drum roasters, and other important tools like thermometers, afterburners, and beyond.
  • Quick reference guide—Discover an illustrated guide to roasting with a small or large drum roaster, from start to finish.

Master the art of coffee roasting with
The Coffee Roaster's Handbook!

User reviews

Interesting and great to read. The one thing I wish was a bit more covered was single origin roasts mixed. I love Columbian and blend one origin with 90:10 dark / light roasts and family loves it.However, I never tried cupping and mixing multiple different origins… the book convinced me to do that next.If you like to roast coffee, you’ll enjoy the book!
Method and Madness. I have been buying coffee from Len Brault since 2006. My UPS driver saw that I had just purchased an espresso machine and suggested that I go down the street and visit Len. At the time, he was working out of a basement office space in a medical and lab building. No windows, a little creepy and weird. I think there was a sign on the door that said Clockwork Commerce. What does that have to do with coffee? I knocked, Len opened the door and we started talking about coffee. The room was filled with coffee that he was importing from Vietnam and the Philippines. He asked me what kind of coffee I liked. I knew that I liked espresso, but I completely lacked the vocabulary to even try to communicate what I wanted. He translated my gibberish into a taste profile and gave me a bag of a Vietnamese espresso blend. He talked about front palate and back palates. I started to call Len "Coffee Yoda" in my head. I smelled the coffee he told me to buy and it smelled like chocolate mocha sauteed in butter. WTF? I thought it was flavored coffee initially. Len gave instructions about how to figure out how to make the coffee with my equipment. And he explained that I needed to experiment and take notes. The message was: "Make better coffee with science." It was the best espresso I had ever had even with my consumer machine.The Coffee Roaster's Handbook is like talking to Len. I am not sure when Len started roasting and blending exactly, but I realized that he was really good at it when he recreated that Vietnamese espresso I mentioned earlier himself, after a family feud ended the production of the blend in 2009. His version has the same body and taste profile, but turned up to 11.I feel like I now have the vocabulary to really talk about coffee after reading the book. There is a very good explanation of the whole process from choosing beans to cupping and recording the results. He provides a method for exploring roasting and quantifying and recording the results.I am not going to pursue roasting myself because I want to continue to be married. Fortunately for me, Lens Coffee is only 10 minutes away.
As advertised. Easy to read with plenty of
My husband thinks he is a professional cofee maker now. This book has some great tips and walks you through the process from bean selection to brewing your coffee.
Great for Introduction to Coffee Roasting. I really enjoyed Len's approach to giving a high-level explanation of most things coffee. His passion for the craft is evident throughout the pages, as he provides a tour of the beginnings of coffee, to selecting an appropriate roaster, to how to profile your roasts, and much more. I really appreciated that the book didn't come across as a long-winded advertisement for Len's other coffee endeavors, more as if he intentionally avoided writing of them in order to provide a launching point of instruction for an eager coffee hobbyist or potential entrepreneur.I would highly suggested picking up this book if you're interested in roasting or learning more about coffee in general.
Simple read but not much details. I find the wool useful and simple to read. It would help if the book give more details on brewing and roasting
Great book for anyone interested in coffee. The Coffee Roaster’s Handbook by Len Brault was a pleasure to read. This book provides all the necessary information for anyone interested in beginning their journey into green bean roasting, but is also very useful for someone who has been roasting for a while but would like to enhance their knowledge and skills. In addition to the wealth of practical information, it will be appreciated by coffee lovers (or even coffee dabblers) who are interested in issues that affect sustainability of the industry. The information regarding fair trade, organic labels and the social and economic challenges faced by small coffee growers throughout the world was eye-opening. This alone will change how I select and purchase my stock. The detailed background on coffee history, cultivation, and global impact was a pleasure to read. The visuals and photographs are beautiful and informative. I highly recommend this book.
Exactly what I needed. Thank you Len for such a well conceived and executed instruction manual. I roast at home for personal use and just wanted to up my game. Your book filled in the blanks for me and oriented me to have even more fun with coffee. Thank you!
Fundamentals are well explained.
Does not explain in great detail how to roast coffee, very generic
This book is good for a broad overview of coffee but not as much for actual roasting. It misses out completely on explaining important concepts like rate of rise, turn around points, etc. even worse it shows you a graph with some of these terms being used, but then completely fails to explain what they mean.I bought the book to learn about those concepts, but instead it focuses more on coffee as an industry and less on actual roasting.
Great product easy to buy.
Excellent reading, great information book 👌

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$68.33 April 28, 2024

Blue Water Ghost designer band watch 316L stainless steel strap luxury man automatic watch quality 40mm sapphire fashion Mens watch aaa mechanical Wristwatches

Price: $97.15
as of May 12, 2024 11:55 am
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Current Price $97.15 May 12, 2024
Highest Price $97.15 April 28, 2024
Lowest Price $97.15 April 28, 2024
Since April 28, 2024

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$97.15 April 28, 2024

High quality hot the head a burger mascot costume for adult to wear

Price: $184.12
as of May 12, 2024 11:55 am
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Current Price $184.12 May 12, 2024
Highest Price $184.12 April 22, 2024
Lowest Price $184.12 April 22, 2024
Since April 22, 2024

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$184.12 April 22, 2024

men fashion celebrates final championship with the 5 protro basketball shoes pk quality training sneakers sports dropshipping accepted dhgate

Price: $47.78
as of May 12, 2024 11:55 am
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Current Price $47.78 May 12, 2024
Highest Price $47.78 April 28, 2024
Lowest Price $47.78 April 28, 2024
Since April 28, 2024

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$47.78 April 28, 2024
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